Prime Medical Review Solutions (PMRS), LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Care Health Solutions.
Prime Medical Review Solutions (PMRS) is an independent peer review organization delivering unbiased, evidence-based expert healthcare reviews with superior quality.

We deliver innovative, patient centered, quality health review services that reduces healthcare costs, resolves coverage disputes and improves the quality of patient care. We take pride in providing excellent review services for our clients in the public and private healthcare sectors that are flexible and customized to our clients’ needs.

Our broad range of services include(s) medical review, independent medical evaluation, corporate integrity agreement review services, utilization review and bill review services. Prime Medical Review Solutions (PMRS) has an extensive pool of clinical peer reviewers in active practice that permits us to maintain effective, quality and timely peer review.

Our review services are driven by the most experienced panel of healthcare specialists in the industry with unmatched quality that surpasses the standard for excellence in the healthcare review industry.

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