Prime Care Health Solutions supports individuals and business clients to succeed in their wellness goals by reducing health-care costs and improving health outcomes for participating individuals and mitigating rising health care costs for business clients.  Our health and wellness programs motivate participants to get and stay healthy. Our services empower individuals to take ownership of their health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits that supports their wellness journey.

We partner with business clients to build an engaging and focused workplace wellness program with a collection of services that encourage their employees to address their personal health goals.

Our health and wellness services includes: wellness evaluation and preventative screening, events, classes, workshops, challenges, workplace wellness programs, coaching services, weight management programs, nutritional services, behavioral medicine health education (BMHE), women and men’s wellness service, family planning, fertility care, hormonal imbalance care, and genetic testing services. We also offer personalized health coaching services in person, by video or phone to help participants achieve their health goals. Participants can also sign up for a customized wellness plan that fits their lifestyle and meets their specific needs.

Let us help your organization create a culture of good health through our results driven wellness programs that drive positive change.

We deliver intensive 1-1 behavioral change coaching programs that are clinically supported and evidence-based. Our 1-1 coaching program is offered in office, by video, or by call and includes an extensive review of life, health history, current issues, and a customized plan from a professional health coach that addresses each participant’s health related goal. Participants are also supported by a robust social network and educational resources for feedback, accountability and guidance.

We offer exciting wellness events, workshops and classes that deliver positive outcomes. Participants enroll online and choose from video, phone or in person sessions that cover topics like stress, nutrition, exercise, chronic disease prevention, sleep and much more. We work with business clients to bring our engaging wellness programs to the workplace through interactive classes, events and workshops offered online or onsite.  We enhance the company culture by helping our business clients incorporate our wellness programs into an overall incentive package that engages and encourages their employees.

Do you feel like you know what you need to do to be healthy, but can’t seem to follow through? Our weight management and nutritional services program can help you or your organization. This is an enhanced weight loss and nutrition education program that is tailored to each individual’s unique health history, goals and body type. This program also includes customized meal planning, 1-1 coaching services, and educational health resources for added guidance and support.

We offer an in person or a tele-heath delivered behavioral medicine health education program that focuses on the prevention of disease through lowering modifiable risk factors. Our health educators and lifestyle coaches provide participants with the educational tools and resources needed to help prevent chronic diseases. We also provide screening for conditions like depression and triage high-risk individuals to appropriate mental-healthcare providers.

We offer customized wellness plans and packages tailored to men and women’s health. Our wellness plans and packages are tailored to address each individual’s specific health challenges and supports achievement of their health-related goals.

We customize a plan specific to your hormone and fertility needs that includes a nutritional plan, vitamin and supplementation regimen to fit your body’s needs. We address stress levels by designing an exercise plan; relaxation techniques and a sleep schedule that restores your body to maximum efficiency. Our services also include consultation on pharmaceutical treatment options specific to your needs that address dosing, therapy expectation, side effects, administration, preparation, storage, safety and available medication discount programs.

We provide Interpretation and application of a patient’s genetic information to optimize a patient’s response to medication and non-medication therapy.  Our Pharmacists deliver genetically evaluated therapeutic recommendations for individual patients to prescribers. The recommendations include the best treatment options for individual patients and the probability of adverse reaction to selected therapies.