Prime Care Health Solution’s disease state medication management service optimizes appropriate medication use, reduces medication-related problems, enhances quality of patient care, decreases administrative healthcare burdens and improves health outcomes for patients with various medical and chronic conditions.

We work collaboratively with providers to help individuals with multiple medical conditions see an improvement in their overall health and reach positive therapeutic outcomes. We help manage medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), behavioral health conditions, opioid addiction disorder, thyroid disorders, obesity and many others.
Business clients that integrate our pharmacy doctors into their organization’s healthcare model to deliver our disease state medication management services provide better, more affordable and effective care to patients. This also enhances the organization’s financial advantage in the healthcare value-based reimbursement model.

Our disease management program and services include the following: chronic care management (CCM), tele- health pharmacy disease management & consultation, medication therapy management (MTM) , behavioral health medication therapy adherence program, medication regimen review (MRR) consulting services, medication reconciliation (MED REC) services, medication adherence program and genetic testing (PGx, CGx) & therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) service.

We offer comprehensive management of patients with two or more chronic disease. We offer monitoring of patient’s comprehensive care plan; perform medication management services; coordinate home and community-based service that address clinical, social and behavioral needs. We perform structured recording of patient health information, share relevant patient information with all practitioners & providers involved in patient’s care and provide patients and caregiver after-hours access to clinical staff involved in care. We also perform other non-face-to-face care coordination services and work in concert with all members of health-care team

We help individuals living with diabetes learn lifestyle skills to manage diabetes more effectively. Our diabetes management program inspires individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle that results in decreased diabetes-related complications and improved health outcomes. Our program focuses on nutrition, physical activity, medication therapy, blood glucose monitoring and techniques to better handle stress.

Let us offer you greater access to care through our tele-health pharmacy disease management service.  We use video-conferencing, telephonic communication and secure messaging to manage chronic conditions. We perform medication review, reconciliation & management, offer pharmacogenomics testing services, opioid addiction monitoring and medication counseling services. Patients receive personalized one on one attention from a pharmacist in partnership with prescriber for ongoing access to medication and non-prescription product counseling, monitoring, education and evidence based disease state-therapy management.

Let Prime Care Health Solutions provide exceptional management of your medication and non-prescription drug therapies. We provide a comprehensive approach to medication therapy management (MTM) services that meets the needs of individuals, health plans, employers, payers and other key stakeholders. Our team of experienced pharmacists provides medication review and clinical interventions to improve health, wellness and the management of chronic health conditions.

We improve health outcomes for individuals with behavioral health conditions by providing a tele-health delivered 1-1 education and coaching service that improves adherence to psychiatric drugs. This service is delivered by our team of exceptional Pharmacist with decades of experience. We provide counseling on appropriate medication use, monitoring of side effects, therapeutic response and adherence to drug therapy. We work in partnership with prescribers to monitor therapy progress and provide continued support through coaching that sets clear therapy expectations and improves adherence.

Partner with us to receive superior, CMS compliant medication regimen review (MRR) services. Our consultant Pharmacist delivers a thorough monthly evaluation and recommendation of a patient’s medication regimen, with the goal of promoting positive outcomes and minimizing adverse consequences associated with medication therapy. Our consultant Pharmacist also observes medication pass for error rates, evaluate medication storage & disposition to ensure compliance. We provide educational & informational resources to client facilities and work in partnership with client’s quality committee to improve pharmaceutical services.

Our medication reconciliation process is driven by our clinical pharmacists. We partner with patients, patient’s provider, primary pharmacy, families and caregivers to create a complete, accurate & current medication list. The goal of our medication reconciliation service is to reduce medication errors and adverse drug events at all transitions of care.

Prime Care Health Solution’s medication adherence-synchronization program offers a unique collaboration with partner pharmacies, patients and prescribers to offer convenient medication refill automation that leads to increased patient adherence to medication therapy. Our program allows patients to pick up their ongoing prescription refills at their primary pharmacy on a convenient day each month.

We provide Interpretation and application of a patient’s genetic information to optimize a patient’s response to medication and non-medication therapy.  Our Pharmacists deliver genetically evaluated therapeutic recommendations for individual patients to prescribers. The recommendations include the best treatment options for individual patients and the probability of adverse reaction to selected therapies. We serve individuals, providers, payers, community pharmacies and various health systems organizations.