For Patients

How we can help you:

We empower you to take an active role in your health through our personalized clinical pharmacy programs and services that cater to your unique needs. We equip you with the necessary tools and resources you need to make informed decisions about your health. Our Pharmacists provide drug education, counseling, medication management and monitoring to ensure you have treatment success.

Why you should join our Medication Support Network (MSN)

When you enroll in one of our medication support programs or join our network, you will be matched with a Primary Care Pharmacist that will advocate for safe and effective use of your medications. Your Primary Care Pharmacist will partner with your PCP, caregiver and other members of your healthcare team to review; manage and monitor your medication regimen. Our goal is to help improve your overall treatment outcome. We will work closely with you to help improve medication compliance, reduce the rate of harmful side effects, identify and resolve drug interactions and duplications, prevent and reduce hospitalization, and help reduce your overall drug and medical cost.

What is a Medication Support Network (MSN)?

Our medication support network is a network of clinical Pharmacists and supporting staff that help monitor and manage a patient’s medication therapy. The Pharmacists in this network specialize in managing medication therapy and have years of experiences helping patients like you have the best outcome when taking medications for chronic medical conditions. A patient that joins MSN will have personalized care and on demand access to a uniquely matched Primary Care Pharmacist by phone or video conference.

What Programs and Services does the Medication Support Network offer?  

When you join our Medication Support Network, you will receive access to the following programs & services:

Medication Cost Assistance Program

Enrollment assistance for programs and RX coupons

Medication reconciliation

Post discharge or  transitional care

Education Tools & Resources

Online access to health related educational videos and resources

Patient online Portal access

for review of medication regimen and patient counseling points

Pharmacy Medication Adherence services

Preventative Health Recommendations

Counsel on vaccine schedule and recommend preventative screenings

Matched to Primary Care Pharmacist

Serves as advocate and liaison between physician & other healthcare practitioners

*Pharmacogenomic Testing Services

Gene testing to help select the medication that is best suited for your gene makeup

On Demand telephonic  consultation

Complete Medication Review

Drug Regimen Review

for indication, dose interaction & duplication

Preparation of Talking points  for appointments

* Additional fees apply.

How to join our Patient Medication Support Network:

  • Complete an online enrollment form and select a monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year subscription
  • Once enrolled, you are matched with a PCHS Primary Care Pharmacist
  • Receive an initial comprehensive medication review and counseling by video or telephone
  • Receive medication review reports and explanations of prescribed medications and recommendations
  • Receive check-in communications to monitor your progress
  • Receive ongoing educational training and information on prescription medications
  • Receive online access to comprehensive view of your current medication regimen and recommendations