For Partners, Payers & Employers

What we do

We provide partners, payers and employers sustainable healthcare services, clinical pharmacy programs and custom wellness solutions that improve the health and wellness of their patients, members and employees.

How do we do it?

We identify the highest risk populations among your patients, members and employees through data analytics and focus on lowering those risks through the provision of personalized medication management services, wellness coaching services and lifestyle change programs.

Our highly trained clinical pharmacists provide in- person or virtual medication therapy management, medication review, medication reconciliation and wellness coaching services that fosters continuum of care.

Why partner with us?   

We understand that improving the health and wellness of your patients, members and employees can positively impact overall cost and return on investment for your organization.  Our goal is to provide you with sustainable solutions that bridge the gap in healthcare and wellness, while mitigating risk and reducing total cost.

We advocate for superior patient care, improved patient quality of life, cost reduction and evidence based clinical standards of care.

Services provided include but not limited to:

Medication Adherence       Medication Review     Medication Reconciliation
Medication Therapy Management     Medication de-prescribing and dose tailoringSmoking/Tobacco Cessation Consultation Service
Diabetes Education & ManagementDiabetes Prevention                                Hypertension Education & Management
Chronic Care ManagementOpioid Addiction Prevention ProgramWeight management Coaching program


How to partner with us

Complete an online request for information form and schedule a vision meeting with us