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Prime Care Health Solution’s compliance department oversees all tracking and internal communication of applicable laws, standards and treatment guidelines to all stakeholders (panel physicians, clinical team, quality assurance team, operations), as well as to client-designated regulatory contacts. This group ensures compliance with all of the latest laws and regulations.

Standards of Business Conduct at Prime Care

All business activities at Prime Care Health Solutions stands firmly on the foundation of our commitment to integrity and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and industry codes. Prime Care Health Solutions is also dedicated to the highest standards of ethical behavior and to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Standards of Business Conduct & Ethics for Third Parties

Prime Care Health Solutions recognizes that Third Parties have an important role in our success and Prime Care Health Solutions strives to conduct business only with Third Parties who have processes and/or systems in place to support operating in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and industry codes. This applies to third party companies with whom Prime Care Health Solutions has agreements, such as suppliers, distributors, consultants, agents, service providers, joint ventures; and co-promotion, research or licensing partners (Third Parties).

State Regulations

Prime Care Health Solutions maintains electronic records and provides an electronic copy of all state-mandated, evidenced-based guidelines and state regulations to all our physicians and staff. This electronic information is updated regularly, in advance of new state-specific requirements. All corporate policy and procedures are maintained in a comprehensive electronic manuscript. All record are reviewed and updated at least annually. Prime Care Health Solutions maintains a system of quality by the monitoring and auditing of internal operations.

Prime Care Health Solutions also provides annual web-based training to staff covering:

  • HIPAA and HITECH rules
  • Privacy and security requirements
  • Federal and state legislation

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